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Harry Souval
Greeey, CO

Selling a home in a 'down' market is challenging & difficult. Dori & Carol make it almost fun. Dori & Carol are two of the most motivated, hardest working professionals in the business. For example, they decided to host a twilight open house, which I thought was a great idea because I like the way my house lights up at night. Unfortunately, I was in Denver on business that day and got delayed. When I got home, 5 minutes before the open house, I was panicked because I knew it was not ready for visitors. As I walked in the door, I was shocked to see that Dori & Carol had actually loaded the dishwasher and were picking up. After profusely apologizing & promising it will be ready next time, they simply smiled and said don't worry about it. Their above & beyond the call attitude gives me the confidence that they don't know the meaning of a down market and I will get the offer I need with their help.

J.W. Nelson
Greeley, CO

The Team of Dorrie Workman and Carol Greener truly is represented through First Team Realty. My experience as a seller has been awesome. An energy as well as a comfort level that has been beyond my expectations that would make the seller or for that matter the buyer feel that they are well represented in todays Real Estate Market. After your transactions you will feel as though you have made new friends and been treated in a very professional manner.

Craig Sperry
Greeley, CO

It was very easy working with you & Carol & I appreciated the time that you both spent trying to sell my house. The circumstances did no lend themselves to an easy sale but that was the result. The next time I need to sell a house, your names will be the first out of my mouth. Especially if I do a short sale. I am thankful you were able to help me through a difficult situation. Thanks